Shopping Award-Winning Organic Produce Online from Graig Farm Organics

Organic meat has always been a slightly controversial topic. Some people don’t understand its qualities and other people swear nothing by it for their daily meals. For me, organic foods offers some of the best quality produce around and Graig Farm should be your go to choice when looking to shop online and have your favourites meats & everything else delivered directly to your door.

Who Are Graig Farm?

Graig Farm Organics is a family company based in the Welsh Montgomeryshire countryside at their farm in Mochdre. The business has been in the family since the 1940’s and is owned by Jonathan Rees who has lived on the farm all of his life. Joined by his parents, wife and children – this really is what this family loving do best and the hard work pays off in the quality of their farm produce.

So What is Organic Produce?

In short, Organic food is produced by methods that comply with the regulated standards of organic farming. Although these practices vary worldwide, organic farming features practices that cycle resources, promote ecological balance, conserve biodiversity and maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare. These are the things at its core but it’s much more than that.

Owner Jonathan has had a long passion for organic farming and it had always been his dream of producing excellent tasting produce without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, growth promoting drugs or large amount of additives often used in ‘non-organic’ methods. It was in 1999 the family achieved their ambition to farm organically, and have not looked back since.

All of the butchery at Graig Farm is carried out at an on-site processing facility and Head Butcher, Mariusz Hetman ensures that high standards are achieved and maintained at all times throughout the process before becoming available for sale online.

The food chain from farm to retailer is regularly inspected by one of the national certifying bodies so rest assured that the meat you’re buying is organic. For meat, the chain goes from farmer to abattoir to packer/processor to retailer. At any time, any link in that chain can be inspected and detailed records must be kept all along the chain to prove that any piece of meat really is organic. All of this can result in slightly higher costs, but it’s totally worth it.

What are the Benefits of Buying Organic?

There are so many benefits to organic produce – with the taste being at the forefront. There are no food colourings or pumping of water to “plump” the foods. There have been various studies to suggest that mineral levels are higher in organic food. The practice is friendlier to wildlife and the environment. Not to mention that with Graig Farm being a relatively small farm, many of the family members have more time to take an active interest in the welfare of the farms livestock.

Why Should you Buy Online From Graig Farm?

Simply put and in three words. Organic, quality and family-owned. The Graig Farm Organics online shop is what connects us to the fine meats the Rees family have lovingly provided and the convenience of it means you’ll never have to shop for poor supermarket meat again. This extensive range of products from their own farm and from other fully traceable organic sources not only offers organic meat, but organic vegetables, organic wine and even fish and quality pet foods. They had some fantastic meat boxes which we loved the look of.

Shopping for organic produce is never an easy task, especially with so much competition, but I really fell in love this family after reading about them online, as well as their ethos, their dedication to organic farming and looking after the environment wherever possible.