The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

T’is the season to be tipsy once again and as Christmas is fast approaching, a lot you will be thinking about the best gifts to purchase for your family and friends before it’s too late – even though we always leave it too late. If you have family who enjoys a drink as much as most of the British nation do, then why not purchase them a wine-related gift that is sure to blow their socks off (no more socks please Grandma).

Here are the best guzzle-worthy gifts for wine-lovers of all shapes and sizes.

Wine racks

Wine racks are the most useful and can also be the most creative gift to buy a seasoned wine-drinker. You can buy wine racks made of all sorts of materials and presented in many creative shapes to fit various styles of kitchens and dining rooms. From a classy stained oak wine rack to a plastic rack in the shape of a boat, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which wine rack will best suit your great aunts home, before you remember the bottles never last the night at her house.

Cheese and wine box

Cheese and wine taster boxes are a classy and tasty present that will impress every lucky recipient. Whether its port and bleu cheese, prosecco and parmesan, sauvignon and gouda or chardonnay and gruyere. You will be sure to impress your family with these sophisticated gifts that are likely to set their taste buds alight. There are a wide range of cheese and wine gift boxes to choose from so you will be able to each and everyone’s particular tastes.

Electric corkscrew

Having to physically open wine bottle is now a thing of the past. It’s far from a perfect science, and you will often have to fish out half of the cork from the bottle you are trying to open and it can really kill your wine-fuelled buzz. That is why you should give a family member the gift of an electric bottle opener. An electric bottle opener will eliminate the guesswork that comes with opening a bottle of wine and will do all of the work for you and can definitely come in handy to someone who entertains often.

Wine thermometer

Buy a loved one a wine thermometer to able to quickly take the temperature of their wine and get the most out of the taste of their bottle. Wine thermometers only need to be attached around the bottle and are able to show you the temperature of the wine on its digital display within minutes. Most thermometers are quite sturdy, so you will not have to worry about it breaking if dropped or if a toddler decides to make a toy of it. This is a great present for wine-lovers who take their passion quite seriously and will always want the perfect temperature wine. It fits easily into a drawer, on a tray or on your kitchen shelves, so it’s always there when you need it.