10 Exceptional Off-Season Travel Destinations For 2018

While traveling is fun no matter what but traveling off-season is the best way to really explore a place and get to know the locals. Also, the costs tend to go down and you don’t need to make your way through a crowd of tourists just to get a peek at some iconic place.

My preferred time to travel

Not only are the cities more peaceful but the overall cost of accommodation there is low as well. Since I live in London, I know how peaceful the off-season get here. Personally, I’m more of a quiet person so that suits me just fine. I also consulted with some reputable travel agents in London and they also suggested that for a more relaxed and quieter experience, traveling during the off-season is the right choice for me.

What exactly is off-season?

Well by definition it is the season when most businesses are at their low hence the cheaper prices than normal. However, it doesn’t need to be a specific season. It can be either summer or winter. But usually, fall tends to be the common season when businesses are slack and crowds are sparse. The only downside traveling in the off-season is that you won’t be able to join in some themed celebration or event. But you can still visit all the iconic places and you wouldn’t have to wait in never-ending lines just to get an entry ticket to somewhere.

I think off-season is the best time to travel. You get to relax and really appreciate the place you’re visiting. You’re also most likely to interact with locals and catch them in a chatty mood.

1. New Orleans, USA

While this city is known for its lively festivals and of course the famous Mardi Gras, there are times when this diverse city goes calm. If you also want to avoid the whole festival mania and don’t want to book everything in advance then I suggest you travel in December or January. However, if you wish to have lower room rates as well, then you should travel during summer or fall. The biggest downside in traveling during that time is that the humidity is stifling and the city is at risk of hurricanes. But everything is cheaper and the crowds are sparse. I think exploring this beautiful city with its jazz scene in a calmer atmosphere is the best.

2. Ireland

There is a lot to see in this extremely beautiful country. The peak season here is the summer when the place is overrun by tourist and the sun is expected to shine more often. However, if you really want to take in the charm of this country then consider traveling during autumn, when the tourist leave and children head back to schools. And the weather isn’t all that bad either! Seeing this country in beautiful autumn colors is really worth the time.

3. Italy

For this lovely county, autumn has to be the best season because the overall hotel and flight rates are low, the scenery is beautiful in red and golden hues and the crowds are sparse. It is also the best time for great food as it is harvest time and there are food festivals dedicated to a specific food item like chocolate or truffle festival. And if you’re more of a beach person then head over to Amalfi Coast with its lovely beaches and spectacular backdrops. It’s like Italy becomes ten times more amazing in the off-season.

4. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This is one of those famous summer gems where tourist visit to enjoy the beaches and the sea air. But in the fall season, it becomes calm and the prices drop down. The weather may be a bit too cold for swimming in this tranquil part of New England, but it is great for other outdoor activities as it isn’t freezing cold. As expected, the seafood is top-class and since the prices are low, you can even enjoy a more high-end meal!

5. Croatia

Famous as one of the most affordable vacation spot in Europe, it becomes even more inexpensive in the fall. In the season, you can enjoy the warm weather, the fun and beautiful beaches, and other attractions, all without massive crowds of tourists. And the fall generally makes the picture perfect natural landmarks around the area come to life with vibrant colors with contrast to crystalline water and blue sky. Really makes for gorgeous pictures.

6. New Zealand

The off-season here would be either spring or fall. Everything looks more stunning in these seasons and everything is a tad cheaper. Besides, in the off-season, you wouldn’t need to worry about booking everything in advance and just relax. Even though you won’t be able to take part in any winter sports, you can still enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet in peace. The lush meadows and flower fields are just lovely. Just don’t go swimming as it may be a bit too chilly for that.

7. Greece

If you want fewer people and cheaper prices then visit this historically rich country in winter. In fact, in the off-season, you’ll have more seating choice in restaurants and enjoy Greek cuisine in a peaceful environment. However, some businesses might be closed and the weather is wet and cold sometimes. Other than this, you can see all the attractions that you want and save some money thanks to the low prices.

8. Bali, Indonesia

Being such a popular spot among tourists, it has a very short off-season, from September to October when you see lesser crowds and low prices. The ancient pagodas and temples with spectacular beaches and lots of naturally beautiful sites, this is a place worth exploring. It seems that everything turns green during that time and since there will hardly be anyone around, you can enjoy the tranquil natural beauty. It also gives you great opportunities for pictures since you won’t have to wait for the crowd to disperse for that one perfect picture. An ideal romantic get-away this place is beautiful as if straight out of some dream.

9. Iceland

Because of the deceiving name, most people think that summer is the only time they can do anything in Iceland but that is not true. Winter in Iceland isn’t that chilly. In fact, New York or Canada has a colder winter than Iceland. There are a lot of things you can do here in winter, like enjoy the sauna baths and then go ice swimming. And since there are barely any tourists, you can enjoy everything in peace. Also, winter is the only time when you can view those mesmerizing blue caves, which are caused because of waterfalls freezing up. With lots of tours, it’s a great place to explore.

10. Costa Rica

In the frosty month of November, the sandy beaches of Costa Rica will be your escape. You can catch the waves and go for surfing or any other water-based sport if you feel like it. The temperature is pleasant and November basically is the end of rainy season so you’ll have a lot of time for fun outdoor activities. In fact, arriving at the very start of the dry season is a great idea as you can enjoy sunbathing and catch a picture or two of the wildlife around the area before the onrush of all the tourists. Of course, since you’ll visit before the peak season, hotel or resort prices will be low too.