Christmas at Mango Tree Belgravia: A Festive Thai Feast Menu for Two

I can’t even begin to count just how many times I’ve been to Mango Tree in Belgravia. A restaurant local to me and which always had an offer on I can’t refuse. They also serve up a rather mean massaman curry which washes down very well with one of their expertly crafted martinis. We were here to sample the restaurants brand new 2017 Christmas menu which is available between Nov 24th – Dec 24th.

Mango Tree Belgravia has a lovely bar and so we had to kick off proceedings with one of my favourite cocktails of theirs. A spicy and refreshing Thai Martini. Made up of Ciroc vodka, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon grass and Thai red chilli. A lovely warming drink which really gets the taste buds tingling.

To start off our festive 8 course dinner menu were these honey glazed puffs filled with roasted turkey and some crispy spring rolls stuffed with minced chicken, chilli and Thai basil. Both had lovely flavours and the perfect amount of fillings.

My favourite dish from our evening was one of the most simplest, grilled king prawns with a chilli and lime truffle sauce.The prawns were very well cooked, the seasoning and flavours were just the right amount and the chilli added a much welcomed bit of heat. The classic Thai salad of green mango tossed in lime and chilli dressing was a lovely accompaniment too.

One dish I really wasn’t sure about on first glance was the roasted turkey marinated in Thai herbs and topped with a homemade mixed berry sauce. It didn’t look particularly exciting, but the meat was moist, had a nice crispy skin and was actually the best slice of turkey you’ll probably have – which is saying a lot given turkey is normally not that interesting.

I also loved the stir-fried prawns with garlic, black pepper and Brussels sprouts. The latter ingredient may sound rather peculiar, but if you love Brussels sprouts just as much as I do you’ll love this dish. Again the prawns were very well cooked, the flavours were subtle and once devoured with a spoonful of fluffy rice we were very satisfied. The rich and creamy red curry with salmon fillet, coconut milk and selection of Thai herbs was another lovely dish packed with flavour. I wasn’t quite sure about the added addition of peas, but I still really enjoyed it none the less.

Thai vermicelli rice noodles cooked in coconut milk and stir-fried with red bean curd, chives and bean sprouts was essentially a filler in this gargantuan 8 course menu – but played a vital part.  Lovely soft noodles, a little spice and plenty of it meaning it paired perfectly with just about every dish on this menu. Yet another side, this time in the form of some steamed greens was just what we wanted.

Dessert was a mixed berries panna cotta with chunks of chocolate brownies and topped with whipped cream. A nice enough dessert, though It didn’t get me particularly excited.

I definitely prefer the usual menu Mango Tree Belgravia offers but it was nice to see a different festive side and for the kitchen to get a little more playful for this Christmas menu. Service was as fantastic as always, the cocktails delicious and the whole place was so full it offered such a great atmosphere. Not to mention a steal priced at either £34.50 for lunch or £44.50 during dinner. You get a lot of food for your money. I’ve no doubt we’ll be returning to Mango Tree in the future, especially as it’s so close to home. If you fancy trying this special menu yourself then check out the menu HERE!