Beyond the Food: The Best Nightlife for Diners

If you’re anything like me then you’re someone who is totally obsessed with food and luxury travel (… the clue is in the name “The Foodaholic”, right?) However it may surprise some of you to learn that there is more to life than just eating and well staying in exquisite hotels! With this in mind, today I want to look at the best night life for fine diners.

Now bear with me… I know that if you like the finer things in life then the last thing you’re likely to want to do is partake in an undignified night on the tiles that ends in a hopelessly inebriated mess! That’s not what I’m talking about at all. By night life, I mean something totally different. I’m thinking of sophistication and elegance, I’m thinking about one of the world’s finest locations, I’m thinking about… Macau.

Now Macau is said to be the Las Vegas of the Orient, though these days you might well want to reverse that sentence and define Las Vegas as the Macau of the West since Macau has now overtaken bright light city as the gambling capital of the world. Either way, the point is that this incredible venue offers some quite fantastic integrated resorts. (An integrated resort, by the way, is the technical term for a pleasure-seekers’ paradise. It essentially just means that what’s on offer is fine dining, incredible hospitality and of course top-notch casinos in one convenient and delightful package.)

If you’re in Macau then you’ll definitely want to head over to the City of Dreams. This complex calls itself the “premium entertainment hub of Macau” which sounds like a bit of marketing spiel but in truth is really pretty accurate. The casino itself has over 500 tables and 750 machines so the atmosphere is quite something. In fact it can be a little overwhelming at first so it might be an idea to get your eye in with InterCasino for some online gaming before throwing yourself in at the deep end.

Once you’ve worked up a thirst there are some excellent bars here too. The Lobby Lounge at Grand Hyatt Macau wins no prizes for an original name and certainly sounds banal; but it is far from it with its live band and amazing décor. Then, when hunger strikes you can either indulge in homemade chocolates or head over to one of the many restaurants that spoil you for choice here. Golden Pavilion is great for an authentic Southeast Asian meal as Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian are all covered. Furthermore, it’s all exceptionally presented as you would only expect from somewhere held in such esteem.

If you’re in the mood to throw some shapes after that then Club Cubic is the place to go. You might be fortunate enough to catch some big names DJ-ing, but even an ordinary night here is something to remember. Look out for the Perrier-Jouet champagne bar and remember that life is for living…!



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