A Sneak Peek Inside the New Harrods Roastery and Bake Hall – The Taste Revolution

Harrods is perhaps the most iconic department store in not just London, but the world. It’s as iconic as Big Ben (in terms of Instagram photos at least), dripping in more luxury goods in one place than anywhere in London and is quintessentially British. Harrods was first opened by Charles Henry Harrod in 1849 and ever since has remained one of the most distinguished names when it comes to luxury goods. Even more so with the launch of its new Roastery and Bake Hall.

Harrods Roastery and Bake Hall

The Harrods food halls and currently undergoing a 2 year renovation to bring what is arguably the best piece of Harrods and turning it into something even more special. Instead of simply popping in for some cheese or coffee, expect to be immersed in how you shop for food. Smell the ingredients before you buy them, feel the warmth from the freshly baked breads as you walk past the bakery or create your very own personalised tea blends. It’s The Taste Revolution.

You’ll get to celebrate both the theatre and creation of food within dedicated sections and we started on the most exciting part – the patisserie counter. This very delectable part of the room is being looked after by Alistair Birt who is an award-winning chocolatier and produces such a stunning array of treats which not only look great, but taste utterly divine.

It was great to quickly chat with Alistair too who seemed genuinely excited about this new chapter of Harrods and also for the new cakes which he has on display. As part of the immersive experience during the launch I even got to make my very own lemon tart. The meringue piping admittedly went horribly wrong so here instead is one I definitely didn’t make.

You could even sample the stunning selection of honey whilst browsing, lust over the many shelves full of biscuits and condiments, take home a few too many souvenirs or treat your senses to the spice experience which I absolutely adored.

There’s also a fabulous range of Harrods hampers which instead of being hidden away on the website are now showcased here in store in their very own area. I recently took delivery of one from their 2017 festive range which you can read all about HERE.

I’m probably repeating myself with the words “fabulous” and “my favourite part” but I just can’t help but fall in love with every element of this food hall and at its core is a bar. Yes, you heard right. Whilst shopping or deciding what to sample next, take a seat and let the fantastic staff serve you a freshly brewed cup of coffee during the day, or by night an expertly crafted cocktail. The coffee Negroni was a lovely take on the classic and the espresso martini was a tall glass of heaven.

Another of my favourite sections was the coffee area. Harrods has appointed a new head roaster to look after this very fragrant section and his name is Bartosz Ciepaj. Bartosz will be overseeing everything from the daily freshly-roasted blends, coffee tastings, education and of course those personalised bags to take home. I was also very intrigued by the Nespresso compatible capsules, I’m a huge Nespresso fan but these Harrods tubes look very intriguing. A good excuse to return.

If tea is more your thing (sadly it’s not mine) then you’ll be happy to discover the world-first tea tailoring experience. Loose leaf, herbal, spiced and more – head down and discover your new favourite blend with Harrods today.

And then there’s the new bakery. It’s here where customers can watch master baker, Lance Gardner and his team baking throughout the day. Shelves are stacked high with over 15 varieties of freshly baked breads of all varieties, shapes & sizes. The smell is incredible. I also loved that every time a new creation pops out from the oven a loud bell is rung and the shoppers cheer, creating such a fantastic atmosphere.

You’ll also find savoury baked treats and more pastries then you could ever imagine. Croissants, croughnuts, cookies, muffins. The list is endless. A shiny new takeout section will help wrap any of the above for you as well as salads and snack pots – aiming to serve lunch goers who don’t quite have the time to hang around. If you haven’t explored all of the restaurants Harrods also offers, you’re certainly missing out – my favourite being Chai Wu.

On the way home I also spotted a new Harrods take-out on Basil Street serving up cups of fresh coffee, sandwiches and who knows what else. Perfect for my weekend walks and is all part of the new redevelopment. I really loved what Harrods is doing right now and I can’t wait to see how it progresses and transforms its food department into 2019.

Have you visited this new Roastery & Bake Hall yet? If so I’d loved to know what you think!


  1. November 30, 2017 / 11:29 am

    I see what you mean by repeating ‘my favourite part’, just looking at this I see multiple favourites of my own! The cakes! The tea! The bread! The cocktails! The coffee! And they all look…. yes you guessed it… fabulous. 😉


  2. December 1, 2017 / 1:37 pm

    I am so hungry after reading this on my lunch! It is so easy to spends hours walking around Harrods

    • December 1, 2017 / 4:06 pm

      It was such a great new addition to Harrods!

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