Inside the Largest Hotel Suite in Europe at Atlantis by Giardino Zurich, Switzerland

I must admit, I fall in love with hotels far too quickly than I probably should. But lets face it – with delicious wines, gastronomic food and incredible rooms – it’s easy to be swept off your feet these days. That happened to me just recently too. We were staying at the absolutely beautiful hotel Atlantis by Giardino in Zurich and the morning following our stay, we were treated to a sneak peek of the largest hotel suite in Europe and it was incredible.

Atlantis by Giardino in Zurich is recognised as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world and has really brought luxury and relaxation to a whole new level here in Zurich. Whilst this city is full of tradition and classic architecture, Atlantis is taking a slightly different approach with a sleek modern design and focus on wellbeing. They’ve hosted some of the world best artists, served legendary boxers and looked after music icons. But now they have a new suite which is ready for those expecting a price on application response and as we climbed the spiral staircase – we got a little excited!

Once we arrived on the top floor we strolled through the long hallway, passing a whopping total of eight bedrooms which spread across 21,000 square feet and over three wings. You can’t even begin to imagine just how large it is and an outdoor terrace wraps around the entire top floor offering views across the city of Zurich.

Step inside the suite and all you can do is wish you lived here. The suite is a stark comparison to the rest of the hotel, seeming more at home in the middle east and reminded me of my trips to Abu Dhabi. Pictured above was the entrance room of the suite. Decorated in shades of reds, whites and crystal sparkling in every corner. The room is also referred to as the ‘Red Room’.

One of my favourite parts of the room was the 18-person dining room. Opulent, decadent and of course – absolutely stunning. The suite also comes complete with a private chef and butler, just in case. If after a long lunch or dinner you fancy leaving the hotel unnoticed then the floor has its own private elevators which take you to the hotels two-Michelin starred restaurant or the basement where a Rolls-Royce will be waiting to whisk you off.

Middle-Eastern inlaid marble floors and even decadent blue marble can be seen throughout, but perhaps the most exciting feature was the Middle-Eastern inspired lounge. It’s more like something you’d see plucked out of a hotel lounge in the UAE where local residents would be enjoying a shisha over tea. A perfect location for throwing lavish parties.

Delve a little deeper and you’ll eventually arrive into the ‘Blue Salon’. Acting as the antechamber to the Master Suite, the ‘Blue Salon’ offer a mixture of pure privacy and relaxation, but also with the best views over the city.

It’s the master suite room which really caught my attention and photos really don’t do it justice. In real life expect to gasp at its opulence and utter beauty. This doesn’t feel like a hotel suite, but instead a royal palace – which makes its name as the ‘Royal Suite’ even more applicable. The bedroom is full of rich royal blues, blue marbled dressers, gold on every tap and a bed fit for royalty. There’s a large bath and shower area, double sink wash basins in a separate located room and walk in wardrobe.

The Royal Suite also offers a small kitchen, preparation areas, meeting rooms and smaller bedrooms. Perfect for those with an entourage or even staff needing a place to prepare and plan meals or drinks. Everything you can think of, this suite has it all.

For more information go take a look at the hotels website to request more details. 


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