Creating BBQ Classics in the Kitchen with Hellmann’s & Quiqup

As a person using Hellmann’s as part of my every day life, I don’t think I really ever thought much about incorporating their range into my cooking directly or using to the full extent and so this was a really fun post that opened the brand up to me a little more. BBQ Marinades on my rack of ribs, mayonnaise for a creamy coleslaw or a rather good ranch dip – as well as packing it into almost every sandwich I eat. It can be healthy too with the brands lighter range – dieting doesn’t have to be about cutting everything good from your life. Usually I just put a spoonful of Hellmann’s on the side of my plate, but now I know I can use it for so much more.

When it comes to Quiqup, they’re the perfect and most reliable delivery service for busy Londoners. I for one can vouch for that. By day I work for a wine company and come the evening I’m here writing all about food and travel and so my free time is very precious. If it wasn’t for fast delivery companies like this I’d never get a rest. With all that in mind I’ve teamed up with both Hellmann’s and Quiqup to create this fresh and easy recipe. I simply clicked a special recipe link on the Quiqup website which added all the ingredients into my shopping bag, signed up to the Quiqup website, registered my card, paid at checkout and within an hour everything picture below arrived at my door! It was that simple.



800 g fish loin (monkfish or salmon is best)
1 dollop of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise
1 small bunch rosemary, chopped
1 small bunch parsley, chopped
2 lemons
1 tablespoon olive oil

With all you’re ingredients ready to go, start by cubing two large fillets of fish, I used salmon for this. Don’t forget to remove any scales too otherwise chopping can be quite a hard task.

What I love most about this recipe is that there is absolutely no waste. With the sprigs of rosemary, we stripped them bare leaving just a little on the ends for decoration and kept the leaves back for a separate marinade the next day. Using the bare sticks as skewers, sharpen the thicker end of a rosemary stem with a knife for easy skewing. Or if the herb isn’t quite to your liking, buy a packet of bamboo skewers – but the herb really adds a lovely flavour.

Finely chop the parsley and garlic and set to one side.

Then marinate the cubes of fish in a bowl with olive oil, salt & pepper and the chopped garlic and parsley. Give them a good mix and leave them to settle for around 15 minutes.

In a separate bowl, mix Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and lemon zest to create a delicious dip for later. I even added a couple of drops of home-made chilli oil which worked a dream and added a nice little kick.

After fifteen minutes, thread the cubes onto the rosemary sticks and pop the skewers onto the barbecue, but not for too long, as fish can cook quite quickly. Cook until the fish (salmon in this case) until it turns a deep pastel pink. If like me you live in central London and don’t have a BBQ, then pop them under the grill. You don’t quite get the smokey BBQ flavour, but it still turns out absolutely delicious.

You can serve this dish with just about anything, be it a slaw or fresh quinoa salad. I opted on enjoying the skewers with just that dip I whipped up and a simple tomato salad, using some of the olive oil, seasoning and leftover chopped parsley. It turned out to be a fantastic dish and one I’d happily cook and eat all over again. It was so quick and easy to put together and the easy delivery of the ingredients made me feel like I could cook at home more often than I currently do as everything I eat these days is either in a restaurant or pre-prepared.

Hellmann’s offer such a wide selection of sauces and condiments and it’s a brand that honestly is part of my every day life. I eat mayonnaise with almost every meal (I know) and it’s a brand recognised by nearly everyone. Whether it’s for their delicious classic Mayonnaise, lighter than light for my diet plans, those with a little mustard to go with my fish and chips or even their BBQ sauces – particularly the Japanese style sticky BBQ.

Love my recipe and want to create it yourself? Use code THEFOODAHOLIC at checkout on the Quiqup website to save yourself £4.50 which is also the average *delivery fee. The code is limited to just 20 customers so be quick! *Please note the service is only available to customers that fall within the London catchment area. See the Quiqup website for more details on delivery and visit the Hellmann’s website for more information on their full range.

This post was created in collaboration with Hellmann’s & Quiqup.