Las Yucas Restaurant Review: Home-Style Spanish Cooking at Hotel Villa Jerez, Spain

I’m most likely repeating myself, but the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera really is a like a second home to me. Sun drenched all year round, the aroma from Sherry bodega’s leaching out into the streets and some of the best quality Spanish produce in the world. Not to mention Jerez being one of the most affordable cities in Spain, offering quality at a price which means everyone can eat (and drink) well. We were staying at the boutique five-star hotel Villa Jerez for one night and of course, we had to experience their restaurant offering named Las Yucas – complete with a cosy outdoor terrace.

If there was one dish which every Spanish meal should start with, it’s Jamon Iberico de belotta. One of the best hams in the world and it was every bit as delicious here and very generous portion wise. We washed it down with a glass of local white wine from the nearby vineyards of Cadiz.

Another Spanish staple is croquettes and having just landed in Jerez that afternoon, we were craving them. Homemade, golden and served as four flavours. Potato with jamon, slow cooked bull meat and what I think was spinach. These were the best croquettes we had during our stay in Jerez and for this huge plate full, an absolute bargain at just 10 euros.

There is absolutely nothing better than when your first meal is the best of your entire trip. If we’d had more time, we would have returned every day after. With a choice of either meat of seafood paella decided on for our mains, we mixed with chicken and seafood together. Taking approximately 30 minutes, we knew the chef was freshly cooking this up in the kitchen and the wait for it was worth every second. The smell and colour when it arrived – heaven.

There was probably enough to feed four people and we enjoyed two servings each from the beautiful paella, which is served table side with some theatrics and two staff members to help plate. If you love paella just as much as I do then a visit to Las Yucas may be the best thing you’ll do.

Apart from a plate of churros, dessert isn’t really a thing in Jerez. Instead, it’s usually more glasses of sherry and scoops of ice cream. We still, in the name of research ordered a tarta de manzana. A thick apple pie, drizzled with old PX sherry. A lovely way to finish our meal, though in reality we probably didn’t need even more food!

Heading off into the night for a few more glasses of sherry at a local tabanco, reflecting back we really loved our meal at Las Yucas and next time we’ll most certainly be eating here again and of course checking back into the hotel which you can read all about soon! If you’re looking for a magical evening under the Spanish sun then Las Yucas will treat you very well indeed and comes highly recommended.


  1. July 12, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    I have such a new found love for Spanish food.

    • July 12, 2017 / 5:10 pm

      I love how it’s so simple but so satisfying!