Michelin Guide 2014 Netherlands – The Results


‘Restaurant de Leest in Vaassen has just been awarded their third star, and they couldn’t be more proud!’

A slight break in formalities (again) but with my great love for Michelin Starred dining, and the Netherlands region i couldn’t resist. I’m a regular visitor to the city of Maastricht, deep at the southern point of the region. Liege, in Belgium is only a short journey to the west, and Aachen in Germany a short few miles to the East. Maastricht as a city holds lots of culinary delights, and so does the whole of the Netherlands. If you have not visited the region before then now may be a good time.

There was only one new restaurant in the Netherlands this year that managed to gain a third star. De Lees, already having two stars on its back – the third I’m sure, was a very well received. The Librije restaurant in Zwolle managed to retain its three stars, but Oud Sluis in Sluis lost all three, this being because they announced the closure of the restaurant, which will be December 2013! Below is the list for you’re enjoyment.

3 Starred Michelin Dining

  • Restaurant de Leest – Vaassen

2 Starred Michelin Dining

  • Bord’Eau – Amsterdam
  • Fred Restaurant – Rotterdam
  • FG Francois Geurds (formerly Ivy) – Rotterdam

Nine new restaurants in the Netherlands have gained their first Michelin star, taking the total to huge 84.

1 Starred Michelin Dining

  • RON GastroBar – Amsterdam
  • Spetters – Breskens
  • ‘t Lansink – Hengelo
  • Lucas Rive – Hoorn
  • ‘t Raedthuys – Arnhem
  • Wereldmuseum – Rotterdam
  • Élevé – Leeuwarden
  • In de Molen (The Mill) – Onderdendam
  • Bridges – Amsterdam

The Netherlands I’m sure has been waiting with anticipation for the guide to be released, with most notably Beluga restaurant (in Maastricht) who holds two Michelin stars and made a bold move, recently revamping the whole of their menu, and dining experience. Congratulation to them, as the move paid off and they didn’t lose any stars!