REVIEW: Bleecker St.Burger, Kerb, King’s Cross

When will the burger craze die down is what I want to know. When I finish work in the evening, i’m faced with the smell of Meat Liquor and a queue still snaking round the corner at Patty and Bun, with a thirty people deep queue. London just doesn’t seem to have had enough burgers to crave their appetites yet. And, neither have I. I stumbled upon Bleecker Street Burger while at the World Street Food Festival on the Southbank and was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, I still had to queue and a wait for a good twenty minutes, but given the amount of people here, they didn’t do too badly. I ordered the cheeseburger, and the intriguing sounding Angry Fries. The fries were very delicious indeed. Thin, skin on fries, were cooked in a good quality oil, you couldn’t taste a single ounce of horrible old grease. They also throw in a few sweet fries, just to shake it up a little. Seasoned to perfection, then slathered with blue cheese and hot sauce. The hot sauce wasn’t that hot, and I was relieved as the name suggested something a lot scarier. The blue cheese was also subtle in flavour, but very tasty. On the fries richter scale, these come in high.

The burger, contained a slice of lettuce,onion, American cheese, pattie and pickle. Along with their secret burger sauce. The bun was light, springy and not overly complex, it also didn’t disintegrate in my hands. They’ve steered clear of the brioche, and actually I don’t think it would or worked well either.They have chosen the right bun. The pattie was well seasoned, quite thin but had a really good meaty flavour. The fat/meat ratio was very well balanced. The whole thing somewhat reminded me of a better quality Big Mac from McDonalds. And i can assure you, the burger is not as dry as it looks i’m the photo, but instead all falling out the other side!

Other things on the menu were the double cheeseburger, blue cheese burger, and crispy tofu veggie burger. All i’m sure, as delicious.

Overall I thought Bleecker Street Burger was a good setup. Friendly staff, a great looking van, amazing chips, and a good burger. This van is a story of one American, practising law who fell in love with burgers. A gamble which, definitely paid off. I’m not sure i’d quite want to pay restaurant prices or sit down to eat this burger, but for on the go, events or simply a quick lunch, then it’s money well spent! You can mostly find their van at Kerb, King’s Cross.


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