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REVIEW: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

Smitten Kitchen - Cookbook Review - londonfoodaholic

Only my second cookbook review and unfortunately I’m still no closer to becoming the next Ollie Dabbous. Still, I can imagine all is well in my tiny kitchen in London so long as no one has to try the food that comes out of it. Or worse exposing myself on that awful programme Come Dine with Me (though it’s so bad, it’s good), which if it’s still running during my eventual midlife crisis I may give it ago.

I am now a devout follower of Smitten Kitchens blog after a friend introduced me to it a year ago now, so I was very pleased on receiving the book through my door as I never thought we would be lucky enough to get it here in the UK and what a treat it was! The Blog, which has now lead to this book was launched by New Yorker, Deb Perelman, who with her tiny kitchen cooks fantastic comfort food, she steps up the cooking technicalities ever so slightly, so although some of the recipes may come across as advanced, I can assure you If you follow the recipe correctly you’ll have no problems at all.

Apart from being an amazing cook, Deb is also an amazing photographer and this book really shows off her skill. Every page you turn makes you want to keep turning and throughout the book there is a story, you make a real connection with the book, the recipes and her family. If she’s looking to adopt then I’m definitely up for adoption, failing that, official taste tester?

I received this book just before the weekend, which was perfect timing for me to get my hands dirty with some of the recipes. For breakfast, big breakfast rostis topped with an egg plus a cheeky side of streaky bacon, Brownie Cookies to snack on throughout the day and tomato-glazed meatballs with mashed potatoes for dinner. The rostis came out beautifully and went down a treat, while the Brownies maybe need a bit more practice; they need a close eye to stop them from hardening as you want to retain some of the soft brownie effect. The meatballs were pure bliss. This book would be a great addition to anyones home.

You can get to know Debs a little better by watching the short video below. The book is released in the UK February 28th 2013. For £20 you can pre-order your glossy hardback, here.

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