REVIEW: Phat Phuc Noodle Bar, Sydney Street, Chelsea

If there was ever an award for the best named restaurant in London then it would have to be awarded to this tasty Vietnamese restaurant in Chelsea, Phat Phuc. Located precariously on the corner of Sydney Street, just off the King’s Road this technically isn’t a restaurant but more of street food truck with outside seating, heaters too for those cold winter months.

Phat Phuc - Trailer - londonfoodaholic

Phat Phuc has been around for some years now and sits in a quaint courtyard, surrounded by hairdressers and beauty/health shops. I’m sure this place goes down a treat with those clientele looking to eat a healthy Pho after some pampering. They open around midday and serve till 5pm most days. Although this place is fast food at its best, it’s also somewhere you can take your friends and hang out for hours, working your way through the delicious menu.

Phat Phuc - Vietnamese Dim Sum - londonfoodaholic

The menu is short, but perfectly formed. The Vietnamese dim sum is my favourite from the choice of starters, steamed prawn parcels rich in flavour which have a beautiful texture, the prawns are meaty and the parcels well filled. For £3.50 it feels like I’m robbing them, though don’t tell them that otherwise they’ll push up the prices!

Phat Phuc - Banh Xeo - londonfoodaholic

The Banh Xeo, steamed pancakes with moist crispy duck, spring onion, cucumber and a thick sweet hoisin sauce was a nice starter, but it wasn’t exciting, only filling. We are all too familiar with this dish in the UK and very rarely does it arrive at the table any different. If you can tell me where to find the crispy duck master in London, I’d love to know.

Phat Phuc - Prawn Laksa - londonfoodaholic

Prawn Laksa, I don’t know where to start, I could be here for hours talking about it and when I first discovered Phat Phuc I ate it three consecutive days in a row. A large bowl filled with a mound of rice noodles which come from a ladled spoon that drops them into a steaming bowl of water, the cooking happens so fast, or should I say, magic. The delicious noodles come in a fragrant laksa broth which is dominated by coconut, chilli and lemongrass, it has a lovely spicy kick, especially nice during the winter months. The prawns are large, meaty and are quite simply, delicious. This is definitely my favourite dish they serve and I urge you to order it.

Phat Phuc - Pho Vit - londonfoodaholic

The Pho Vit, duck Pho with rice noodles, vegetables and a fragrant duck broth was good and solid. A good Pho needs an excellent broth, here it’s good and very tasty, but not quite at the excellent point. The tender strips of duck were moist and flavourful while the portion sizes were fantastic, one Pho and your completely full for the day, all for a mere £6.50. They do also sell a small selection of desserts but i have yet to get my filthy hands on them, especially the banana cake.

So if you happen to be in the Chelsea area then make your way here for a delicious, well prepared, healthy meal at affordable prices, just make sure you order that spicy Laksa!


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