REVIEW: Patty & Bun, James Street, Marylebone

When I first started writing this blog I had ideas that I would be talking a lot about burgers, you can never have too many burgers, right? Wrong, I think I’ve currently hit a bun wall, as I’m starting to crave anything but. It was much more exciting six months ago, when a couple of burger restaurants popped up, now I can’t keep track of them all, still when I finally sit down to enjoy a burger I realise why I became obsessed with them in the first place.
Patty & Bun - Menu - londonfoodaholic
Patty & Bun first started trading in London as a van/pop. Serving their burgers at the doodle bar in Battersea and a short residency at the endurance pub is Soho, which was massively successful and gained them a loyal following of burger fanatics making it viable for them to be able to set up their own restaurant. Vans/pop ups are a great way to test the water as so many traders have discovered.
Patty & Bun - The Spread - londonfoodaholic
After a short queue, seated and welcomed by who I first thought was a crazy waiter with far too much energy, I soon realised it was Joe Grossman, the founder of Patty & Bun. He is extremely passionate about what he is doing and bursting with energy, so it wasn’t craziness I discovered, just pure passion for his restaurant.
Patty & Bun - ARI Gold Burger - londonfoodaholic
I couldn’t help but to dive straight in with the ARI gold burger. A monster Pattie of beautifully seasoned 35-day aged Aberdeen Angus beef. Sandwiched between a brioche bun with enough structure to hold itself together, coupled by a soft sweetness and a glaze so shiny it nearly blinded me. The Pattie is topped off with cheese which arrives oozing and fully melted. Lots of pickled onions, lettuce, Smokey mayo and a ripe tomato to finish off this delicious burger.
Patty & Bun - Chips & Coleslaw - londonfoodaholic
The chips are probably amongst some of my favourite in London. Triple cooked with a lovely crunch and dusted with some rosemary salt which gives them a lovely flavour. My only complaint would be that from one occasion to the other portion sizes can vary, the last time I went my bowl was only half full.
Patty & Bun - Hot Chic Chicken Burger - londonfoodaholic
Ordering the hot chic chicken burger straight after the beef burger, a bit of an animal I know, but someone’s got to do it, right? Succulent crispy chicken, bacon, slaw, lettuce, tarragon mayo and pickled onions. The chicken was juicy and cooked to perfection, yet for me something didn’t quite work. I think it was the overpowering taste of the tarragon and sheer amount of picked onions which completely dominated, so intense were those flavour I couldn’t eat it all. Sometimes a simple crispy chicken burger is enough, as long as it’s executed perfectly; there was just too much going on for me.
Patty & Bun - Homemade Choc Ice - londonfoodaholic
The homemade choc ices are a delight, especially the peanut butter. A dark bitter chocolate coating filled with soft ice cream and a subtle peanut butter flavour. A delicious but lighter way to end our meal, and something you should definitely experience, it brings back a lot of childhood memories.
My overall experience at Patty & Bun was a mixed one. The beef burger was definitely one of my top ten favourites, but doesn’t quite take the number one spot and the chicken burger was a little bit of a letdown. The chips and choc ice soon brought a smile back. My advice would be to order the beef burger with chips and order a choc ice for dessert or two and then wash it down with one of the cheap but delish glasses of wine they serve.
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