Friday, 14 December 2012

RECIPE: Olives from Spain, Olive Marinades

I was recently asked by olives of Spain to come up with a new olive marinade recipe. I’d attended one of their events back in the summer (yes, that time when we were all warm and glowy and thermal undies were left at home) and found the event educational and a real eye-opener.
I realised how easy it was to make my own olive marinade. It’s so simple to do and more often than not tastes much better than anything you buy in the shops.
So when olives of Spain set me this challenge, I decided I wanted to come up with a simple, original and cheap recipe. We all know good olives are expensive enough as it is.

Olives From Spain - Ingrediants - londonfoodaholic

To help me along the way, olives from Spain kindly spoiled me with a hamper of delicious ingredients to inspire me and get the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Well, it worked. I found myself making all sorts of concoctions in the kitchen, some good and some admittedly, bad. But after careful taste testing (that’s foodie for stuffing my face), I settled on two great marinade recipes.
One leans towards the classic olive marinade with fresh, zesty flavours while the other is a bit more unusual. I managed to convert an olive hater with this recipe so maybe you can unleash it on somebody you would like to prove wrong – trust me, it’s thoroughly satisfying!
I hope you enjoy these marinades as much as I enjoyed making them.
Zesty, fresh and perfect for any occasion!
340g Spanish green olives (fresh or tinned)
100g Manchego cheese, cubed
1 Red chilli, deseeded (keep the seeds)
2 lemongrass sticks
Lemon quarter
100ml of extra virgin Spanish Olive oil

Olives From Spain - Zesty & Fresh - londonfoodaholic

The first thing to do is find an old jam far, or something with a lid that you can shake about a bit.  Put the chilli seeds in the jar, along with a roughly chopped lemon grass stick, lemon quarter and lots of olive oil, give it a good shake and leave it aside for as long as possible, preferably 24 hours, but one hour should suffice if you’re in a rush. Drain and wash your olives, if bought in brine, not too much, just a quick rinse. Next, chop the chilli into small thin wafer strands. Put all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix. Drench the olives and Manchego in the oil marinade. Use a grater or knife to make some spears from the remaining lemongrass stick for decoration. Thats it! Enjoy.
One for the British Curry Nation!
340g of Spanish Black or green olives
Handful fresh coriander, stalks removed
1 tsp dry chilli seeds
1 lemon
2 tsp Garam Masala
75ml of mild Spanish olive oil

Olives From Spain - Curry Nation - londonfoodaholic

Drain and wash the olives, if bought in brine. A mortar and pestle would come in handy now, but if you don't have one like me, the end of a rolling pin and a strong bowl should do that trick. Put the coriander and chilli seeds in the bowl with a dash of olive oil and grind into a paste, pour in some more oil and leave to soak up the flavours for an hour. Pour the whole mixture over the olives and mix around, a squeeze of lemon and then add the garam masala. Taste, mix well and it’s ready to serve! It's truly delicious and very simple to throw together.

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  1. Olives…seriously one of my favorite foods that I just developed a taste for in the last year or so. How I lived so long without loving these little creatures is beyond me!