REVIEW: MEATmarket, Jubilee Market Hall, Covent Garden

I am probably the last person getting round to reviewing MEATmarket, so one early saturday morning (11am is early); I dragged myself out of bed to be there for 12 sharp! The idea was to beat the manic queues MEATliquor is so famed for, but there was no queue. Only two more diners had arrived by 1pm, it was eerily quiet compared to its bigger brother, but I must say, I did like it this way.

MEATmarket - Entrance - londonfoodaholic
After some shoulder rubbing with tourists through Covent Garden’s market I finally found the hidden restaurant. Most people walk in wondering where the previous Jerk Chicken take-out has gone, they seem slightly disappointed, though I don’t know why, it was awful.
MEATmarket - Entrance Hall - londonfoodaholic
The theme of MEATmarket is still slightly similar to MEATliquor but with a fresher and lighter appeal. You can actually see your food here and leave without smelling like a cheeseburger. The main emphasis is on takeaway and quick bites. The alcohol list is very limited.
MEATmarket - Black Palace Burger - londonfoodaholic
Moving on to the food, I opted for their signature burger, Black Palace. Two patties, grilled white onions, cheese, pickles, ketchup and mustard. To me the whole thing looked like a bomb had exploded from the inside out, a complete mess! I know it’s all about the mess and there is no gracious way of eating their burgers, but I couldn’t even pick it up! The obscene amount of onions completely overpowered the burger. There was so much pepper it had masked the taste of the meat, which is normally delicious. Next time I think I’ll stick with the dead hippie.
MEATmarket - Chicken Cheesesteak - londonfoodaholic
The chicken cheesesteak, consisted of chicken (obviously), mushrooms, onions and cheese, it was lacking in something though, most notably a sauce. I know I can put some ketchup and mustard on it, but I want a nice homemade sauce guzzled all over. It was a little bit dry; the bun was also suffering from the same dry problem. The fries were perfectly cooked, crunchy, flavourful and seasoned well.
MEATmarket - Corn Dogs - londonfoodaholic
We also ordered a side of corn dogs. The version here uses Andouille sausages (French smoked sausage stolen by the US who has given it a Cajun twist) wrapped in a sweet batter coating, almost reminiscent of a doughnut. Accompanied by a very sticky honey and mustard dip, truly delicious, but you couldn’t eat too many. I apologise for the quality of the below photo!
MEATmarket - Corn Dog - londonfoodaholic
I love MEATliquor and I really wanted to love MEATmarket just as much, but I just did not warm to it, still, when in Rome (or Covent Garden).
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