REVIEW: Buona Sera Jam, King’s Road, Chelsea

If you’ve been longing to eat your meal in a tree house all your life, then keep on reading… Situated on the kings road this tiny Italian restaurant is easy to walk past. Most of the diners here are either locals or passersby. They have no website so they solely rely on reviews and word-of-mouth, which seems to work perfectly for them.
Buona Sera Jam - Entrance - londonfoodaholic
The atmosphere is very relaxed and informal, which makes a nice change for the Kings Road. It’s a prime dining choice for local families with kids, especially seeing that the cinema is right next door. The whole idea of this restaurant is supposed to be fun and exciting, a place where you can surprise friends and family with its ‘tree house’ seating. There are tables as you walk in on the ground, but for the more adventurous, also up above. Ladders provided which are meant to replicate a tree house, all adorned with plants and wooden cladding, which is surprisingly comfortable; just beware high heel and short skirt wearers.
The owners here are extremely quirky, which matches the restaurant perfectly. They are very attentive and will do there best to fulfill any requiremenfs you have.  Each booth also has personal access to your individual lighting and music, giving you control depending on your mood or company.
Buona Sera Jam - Garlic Bread - londonfoodaholic
The food is very reasonably priced, with large portions and good value for money, apart from the garlic bread pictured above. I have always enjoyed the food here but have never been blown away. All the chefs here are italian and try to bring some of their regions influences to the restaurant. Such as spare ribs in a sweet and sour sauce (not the chinese type), which apparently as a dish originate from the south of italy.
Buona Sera Jam - Fish Cake - londonfoodaholic
Fish cake starter was very nice, made with salmon, crab and lots of capers, sitting on a bed of sauteed vegetable which had a slight sweet soy taste to them which went really well. A steal at around £5.
Buona Sera Jam - Spaghetti Bolognese - londonfoodaholic
The spaghetti bolognese differs from visit to visit, but on the whole it is hearty and rich with a good amount of meat. Simple dishes such as bruschetta and calamari are executed really well. Overall presentation of the food is not great but the flavours are there.
Buona Sera Jam - Spinach and ricotta ravioli - londonfoodaholic
Spinach and ricotta ravioli in a cheese sauce was well cooked and the ricotta filling was lovely, just slightly on the salty side. Unfortunately the sauce was immensely overpowering, which was a shame as i felt top quality ingredients were used, excessive use of blue cheese was the culprit.
Buona Sera Jam - Seafood Linguine - londonfoodaholic
Seafood linguine on the other hand included just about every shellfish going, the pasta cooked al dente and the basic sauce with just some garlic, olive oil and herbs let the seafood shine. This dish would only set you back around £9.
Overall the food was good, hearty and pleasing. Great for a pre cinema meal or before you head out for drinks, it’s not somewhere you would spend your whole night. The tree house setting is perfect for kids, with a delicious burger on the menu if you have fussy eaters. If you’re a big fan of Buona Sera then you’ll be happy to know they have expanded into Covent Garden under the name ‘Osteria’.

EDIT: The restaurant apparently does have a website –

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