REVIEW: Meat Liquor, Welbeck Street, Marylebone

I’m probably the last person to blog about Meat Liquor and having eaten there far too many times then my stomach can take I decided it was time to throw another opinion into the blogosphere. The good thing about having eaten here so much and not blogging about it till now is I’ve had the chance to see the much talked about queues, let you know when you can avoid them and it has also given me time to see if the quality and service have been consistent.
The first time I went to meat liquor was a week after it opened and I was very excited, I had heard all about the food truck and the famed owner Yianni but never found the time to catch the food truck it started the company off with on its travels. Meat Liquor is located on Wigmore Street in Marylebone and is very inconspicuous, with passersby wondering if it’s a nightclub or an extended queue for the strip club around the corner. The main giveaway is the aroma of burgers which can be smelt half way down the street. Tip; head down at around 2-3pm weekday lunchtimes for fast service and no queues.
Inside the walls have been adorned with artwork, foul language and barn lights. The venue is very dark inside so don’t expect to see what you’re eating. The prices on the menu are very reasonable here, with burgers starting at £7.50, sides such as chips and onion rings are a measly £3, great value considering the size and cocktails coming in at around £7. The much raved about Soulshakers team are behind the cocktails here which are definitely strong contenders for good drinks in this area.
Meat Liquor Feast - deep fried pickles - londonfoodaholic
The chips here at Meat Liquor, sorry I mean fries are nice enough but nothing special, I must say though I’m more of a chip man so don’t trust my judgement on these. The deep fried pickles with blue cheese dip, which on the menu are classed as a starter, but I have them as a side are delicious, lightly battered and full of flavour while the blue cheese dip is lovely and creamy, also not too intense, it converted a blue cheese hater so that’s saying something.
Meat Liquor Feast - onion rings - londonfoodaholic
The onion rings on the other hand are nearly just as good, nearly. Large thick cuts of onions and a thick, light, crispy batter, oozing millions of calories. The southern style slaw is great, very fresh, creamy and also compliments the burger really well.
Meat Liquor Feast - slaw - londonfoodaholic
The chilli cheeses fries our also good, though extremely messy and have a strong heated kick, which requires some hard liquor to wash it down. Just don’t be fooled you can eat these alone as a starter; two of us couldn’t even finish them with our main course.
Meat Liquor Feast - chilli cheese fries - londonfoodaholic
Getting round to the most important part now, the burgers. The standard cheeseburger, encased in a soft airy bun with American style cheese is a joy to eat, albeit messy. Always juicy and firm but as to if it’s cooked medium or well done, varies from time to time. The seasoning is also sometimes slightly out of balance and other times the burger is extremely greasy which leaves you feeling very dirty indeed. Still despite these sometimes inconsistencies I always come back, simply because they are delicious.
Meat Liquor Feast - dead hippie burger - londonfoodaholic
The dead hippie burger, which is my favourite is ultimately a double sized cheeseburger, the chilli cheeseburger is great if you want some spice and I’ve yet to order the chicken burger but have been well informed it’s just as good as the beef. All the burgers come with sauce, cheese, onions and pickles as standard. Unfortunately I have yet to try the desserts, I just never have any room left.
So my advice is get down to Meat Liquor and join the queue now, you won’t be disappointed. Then once you’ve tried here get down to their new venture, Meat Market in Covent Garden, which is where I’m heading next!8/10

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