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REVIEW: Churros Garcia, Portobello Road Market, Real Food Market, London

Churros are a Spanish delicacy, sometimes covered in sugar and normally eaten for breakfast with a cup of hot chocolate, which you can dunk the Churros. If you have not had Churros before then they are very similar to a doughnut but different in shape, oilier, lighter in texture and crisper.

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Having had Churros in London before I was surprised of the difference when I visited Andalucía Last year, notably Jerez where the Dough mixture is fed through the nozzle, which hangs above bubbling hot oil and is swung round in a circular motion forming a very large coil, it is then chopped up into pieces with a pair of scissors and eaten without any sugar or chocolate, the consistency is also a lot thicker.

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The cooking method at Garcia is similar to that I saw in Jerez but here the dough mixture gets pushed through the tube and is snipped before it hits the oil dropping in neat six inch Churros. Once cooked they are rolled in a sugar and cinnamon mix (although I couldn’t taste any cinnamon). The Churro itself is lovely and light, not overcooked and more importantly not too oily. The chocolate they serve is sourced from the famous Spanish chocolate house, Valor, who specialise in the rich dipping chocolate and has perfected this well, the consistency is extremely smooth, a rich dark chocolate hit and a lovely bitterness which becomes very addictive.

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These are some of the best Churros in London and definitely worth seeking out. However, I still think there is some room for improvement. To find out where they are serving up next check out


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