REVIEW: 28:50, Marylebone Lane, Marylebone

28:50 which after its huge success at its Fetter Lane branch has decided to open up in Marylebone Lane, which I am not surprised about, as this road seems to be the place to open up on at the moment, and keeping near its renowned Texture restaurant, which I still have not been too! It’s also just round the corner from my work, which I know is going to be dangerously addictive.

28:50 Menu

The menu at 28:50 Marylebone is short but sweet, I was torn by nearly every dish as what to have so asked the waitress to help me out, who may I add was extremely attentive and was always around if I needed anything. And with the offering of Champagne upon arrival, what more could I ask for. The interior has been finished to a very high standard, light, airy and modern. By looking closer some if its furniture has that aged worn look which adds to the atmosphere and shows attention to details has gone into this place. It almost reminds me of some of the modern Spanish Tapas places opening up around town, clean tiled areas and spacious, with the back wall adorning wooden wine boxes, there is a strong focus on wine at this place and a great bar area in the centre.

28:50 Foie Gras terrine with Rhubarb chutney and toast

First out swiftly to the table was the Foie Gras terrine with Rhubarb chutney and toast, an unusual combination with the Rhubarb, which kind of worked. The Rhubarbs acidity definitely made the terrine feel lighter and fresher but I like my Foie Gras terrine to taste of just that, as it’s so rich you don’t always need an accompaniment, but the terrine itself was delicious and the Rhubarb had a lovely creaminess to it. The other great thing about their menu is that most of the dishes can be ordered as a small/large size, which is great if sharing with friends or you just want to pop in for a lighter lunch, and a glass of wine, of course.

28:50 Tomato Salad with boccaccini mozzarella and roquette

The Tomato Salad with boccaccini mozzarella and roquette was so refreshing, the tomatoes beautifully sweet and succulent and the mozzarella was so creamy and fell apart in the bowl. The vinaigrette dressing really lifted the dish and added that extra zing of acidity. The roquette (which is the fancy French word for rocket) was so fresh and flavoursome I don’t think I have ever encountered it with such a potency before. A lovely refreshing starter, or main course if you prefer. Both of these dishes were accompanied by a glass of Primus Ribera del Duero, which may not have matched perfectly was still a delicious wine.

28:50 Pork Cutlet grilled, with wild garlic polenta and Madeira Sauce

Next out was by far my favourite dish of all, Pork Cutlet grilled, with wild garlic polenta and Madeira Sauce. The piece of Pork itself was stunning! I have never had such a tender Cutlet, cutting through it was like cutting into a piece of rare beef i.e.; very easy. It was succulent and juicy and topped off with some breadcrumbs, it think. Accompanying it was some tender stem broccoli and the delicious garlic polenta, which I really enjoyed, so much I went and bought some polenta the following day.

28:50 Confit Duck leg with pok choi, carrots and mouli

The Confit Duck leg with pok choi, carrots and mouli was much more Asian inspired then I expected, but lovely and the skin was beautifully crisped, but also a bit sticky from its glaze. Been sprouts and other vegetables accompanied it while I tried mouli for the first time which tasted a bit like a radish and something I’ll be having again.

28:50 Lemon tart with yoghurt sorbet

After all this food could I possibly squeeze in a dessert, of course! Lemon tart with yoghurt sorbet, was so good, not infused with fake lemon essence (which I have had plenty of times before believe it or not) and the creaminess of the Sorbet was lovely. Crumbly, light pastry and the top is finished off in the style of a crème brulé, blow-torched! If I had room for more I would have ordered another one.

28:50 Vanilla Crème Brulée

The Vanilla Crème Brulée that was ordered was also good, with peach compote as the base. This could have been ever so slightly larger in portion size and more caramelized on the top. I matched the desserts with a glass of Riesling Auslese, Fuder 5, Merkelbach, which was not overly sweet and full of citrus which was well matched as was not heavy or overpowering.

Wine Menu - 28:50 Marylebone - ldnfoodaholic

The wine list here is great, so much choice by the glass, small/large, carafe, bottle and all at reasonable prices, with a ‘Collectors list’ for those wanting to indulge in some fine claret or Burgundy’s and small but well executed menu selection. I definitely recommend this place and can promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be back very soon.


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