REVIEW: Foxtrot Oscar, Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea

I have always been a fan of Gordon Ramsay’s Foxtrot Oscar, a friend of mine from work introduced me to the place and I just fell in love with its good quality food in relaxed atmosphere, well-priced menu and the fact that it doesn’t try to be pretentious, only the customers do.They also offer some fabulous offers from ‘bring your own wine’ on a Tuesday, ‘Steak sharing’ on Thursdays, Competitively priced Sunday roasts and of course there weekday set menu, which is a steal.

The one thing I will say that needs to happen here is a new lick of paint and some comfortable chairs. I visited this place during the Chelsea Flower Show so they had a special ‘Flower Show menu’, which I indulged in. When I arrived and was seated my table was generously given a glass of champagne called Ayala, which if you haven’t tried before is owned by the House of Bollinger and is delicious and affordable, well affordable by Champagne standards anyway, this NV beauty also has great aging potential, 5-10 years (you can pick up a bottle for around £20 from
Roasted Bone Marrow - Foxtrot Oscar - ldnfoodaholic
The starters at Foxtrot Oscar are a mixed bag; the roasted bone marrow is like liquid butter, indulgent, rich, large and well-seasoned with its Shallot Confit, Parmesan and Panko crust to top it off, served with wholegrain bloomer, which is great to soak up all the juices. This is my favourite starter on their menu.
Vegetable Soup - Foxtrot Oscar - ldnfoodaholic
On the other hand, the seasonal vegetable soup, which presented with just the layers of vegetables at the bottom of the bowl and the waiter, then pours over the liquid broth. To me I found it was just a little bit too light in texture, dominated by basil/pesto? It needed to have a bit more richness or weight to it, but I did love the presentation of the dish.
Caesar salad with crispy smoked bacon and poached egg - Foxtrot Oscar - ldnfoodaholic
The Caesar salad with crispy smoked bacon and poached egg was very nice, the right amount of dressing complimented by the Smokey bacon and saltiness from the ‘unexpected’ anchovies, the egg was slightly well done, but overall I enjoyed this starter.
Grilled Mackerel - Foxtrot Oscar - ldnfoodaholic
The grilled mackerel with garlic was so succulent and juicy I would love to know how they kept it from drying out too much and retaining all the moisture, it was a lovely piece of fish. A well-cooked bundle of Samphire/monks beard accompanied the fish; I was not sure which one it was.
Foxtrot Cheeseburger - Foxtrot Oscar - ldnfoodaholic
Halfway through the main course the waiter asked who at the table was Gary, wondering what he was going to ask he presented me with foxtrots signature cheeseburger, and chips! So full already I wasn’t sure if I could eat it all, but i rose to the challenge. Sadly, my table had to help me devour the delicious burger. The brioche bun itself is beautiful, cooked perfectly with a lovely glaze. It could have been a little lighter/fluffier. The best part of the burger was the meat, it had a perfect combination of fat vs. meat and had tons of flavour and perfectly seasoned. The cheese did not overpower the meat and the bacon added lovely smoked barbecue notes, finished with some rabbit food and a layer of tomato sauce. The chips were also very nice. This is a truly delicious burger and deserves a rating of its own!
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice cream - Foxtrot Oscar - ldnfoodaholic
Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the cheese board, it was nice a nice selection  but had been sitting at room temperature,  and room temperature on the hottest day this year was too much and even the cheese was sweating! I also think a softer, crumbly cracker would have been more suited, the ones served with the dish were a bit too hard. We also had a Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, which I didn’t get to try but was told it was very nice.

Overall I will definitely be back to Foxtrot time and time again, it has a great Chef, a fantastic Sommelier, attentive waiting staff, great value for money and within stumbling distance of my house!
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