REVIEW: One Blenheim Terrace, St Johns Wood

My first post – and WOW what a treat!So I came across One Blenheim Terrace advertising an offer though the website Keynoir. Which i think was a great move as i had never heard of One Blenheim Terrace and will certainly be going back! The offer was for two, eight course tasting menus for a price of £45 for us both. While this was a fantastic deal they do offer other deals throughout the week. They have a Tuesday offering of a £25 set menu and Wednesdays flip a coin, where by correctly guessing which side will be left facing you can score yourself 50% off your bill (food only).

I arrived an hour before my booking but was kindly informed this was no problem and seated promptly. I was expecting the interior to be a bit more lavish, but the simplicity and clean layout matched its presentation of food. Elegant, yet no stuffiness and everyone looked as if they were enjoying themselves, looking from table to table as to the offering the person next to them was getting.

Bloody Mary consomme - San Manzano tomato - fresh anchovy - One Blenheim Terrace - ldnfoodaholic
Another big treat was the menu, I had looked online before my visit knowing what to expect when I found out the morning on the way to the restaurant that they had just launched their new menu. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. When the waitress handed me the menu I handed it back. I decided it would be great to sit through the meal not knowing what was coming next, which proved to be a good plan. The first out was a lovely, fresh, Bloody Mary Consume with fresh anchovy and a San Manzano tomato. It all worked perfectly with the tangy acidity and peppery finish. While normally the word Bloody Mary to me reminds me of a ‘not so good tasting’ hangover cure, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Golden Cross ashed goats cheese - beetroot - seasonal vegetables - One Blenheim Terrace - ldnfoodaholic
I forgot to mention, I opted on the Wine Flight which was being offered. It consisted of five wines which were paired with the five main parts to this menu and I’m guessing these had been carefully picked off their wine list by the Sommelier as they all went beautifully with the dishes. The second course that arrived was Golden Cross ashed goat’s cheese, beetroot and seasonal vegetables, the crushed nuts on top married beautifully adding a nice nutty complexity, the cheese being very fresh and smooth but not too overpowering. The wine served was a 2010 Pehhcora Pecorino, Italy.

Smoked salmon macaroon - potted salmon - lemon dressing - One Blenheim Terrace - ldnfoodaholic
The next dish that shot out was by far my favourite and put a real smile on my face! Smoked salmon in a beetroot macaroon, potted salmon and a lemon dressing. The sweetness of the macaroon worked so well with the salmon and the texture somewhat reminiscent of Pavlova, soft but slightly chewy. I could eat this dish all day.
Mussels in beer - beer bread - One Blenheim Terrace - ldnfoodaholic
Once the fourth course arrived I realised that all the dishes had a classic British stamp to them. Ed Shaerf Head Patron Chef at One Blenheim Terrace quoted this ‘All our menus bring classic dishes to centre stage again but with an imaginative new performance. We take classic dishes on British menus, strip them bare, re-imagine them and then re-present using only the best ingredients. We aim to achieve style with a bit of cheek and chic.‘ I like that they have not gone too outlandish with the ‘twist’. The mussels in beer were fantastic, large and very meaty with a side of bread and beer. This was a complimented by a 2010 Picpoul, a dry white wine from France. I had trouble with one who didn’t want to be eaten and instead covered my shirt in sauce. I then managed to spill a piece of every course there after! Tip-do not wear a white shirt if you’re as clumsy as me.

Lamb & potato terrine - beans - samphire - mint gravy - One Blenheim Terrace - ldnfoodaholic

After all the seafood it was now time for some meat! Lamb & potato terrine, green beans and samphire mint gravy, it went really well with the 2009 Barbera. I did enjoy this dish but unfortunately, which made this course a slight haze and is the only criticism I can give, the dishes came out so fast after the other (as there were 8 courses) I found that I was having to gulp down my glasses of wine having ordered the wine flight, ready for the next course and wine, feeling slightly tipsy!

Toasted marshmellow - 70% Valrhona chocolate sauce - One Blenheim Terrace - ldnfoodaholicBakewell slice - cassis syrup - cherry ripple ice cream - One Blenheim Terrace - ldnfoodaholic
Petit Fours-One Blenheim Terrace-ldnfoodaholic
Desserts were great, I haven’t had a toasted marshmallow for years and it brought back some great memories of toasting them on the gas cooker when my mum was out and her coming back to a hob covered in sticky, burnt residue! Slightly too much chocolate for dipping the marshmallow but that was no problem, just scoop the rest of the 70% Valrhona chocolate sauce with a spoon. The Bakewell slice was also delicious, lovely, fresh and moist underneath with a delicious rich jam base, Cassis syrup and Cherry ripple Ice Cream. My partner seemed to have gotten a slightly dryer slice, not sure if it was cut from the end of the tray bake? It was still thoroughly enjoyed. I also found the Black Muscat wine that was served with dessert a little too light for my liking and could of had a bit more body and sweetness. But maybe that is just my personal judgement.

The meal was finished off with coffee and petit fours (the truffles and shortbread with fresh jam were very Moorish) which was much needed to awake me from my slightly drunk state.

Overall I really enjoyed the food and would be very happy paying the full asking price next time I go. Service was immaculate, food delicious and apart from not having quite enough time to appreciate the wines I still really enjoyed them and thought they worked perfectly with the meal. Well done Blenheim Place and especially Ed Shaerf. I will be back!

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